Tuesday, August 19, 2008

38 to go, Edmonds still here

(AP Photo)
I was ready for a lot of things this season, but this photo wasn't in the plans. Here we have Jim Edmonds getting a curtain call after his two home runs agains the Cardinals last week. Does that sound right?
Many Cub fans have said alot of about Jim, good and bad, but lets look at the overall numbers for the newlywed (remember he got married over the All-Star Break).
Since the trade, Edmonds starts are:
63 Games, 187 ABs
.267/.376/.969 (Avg/OBP/OPS) with 15 HR and 42 RBI.
89 Games, 277 ABs
.248/.341/.818 with 16 HR and 48 RBI
After a fantastic June, Jim was ok in July and has been less than stellar in August. He has hit .219 with 3 HR and 9 RBI, while Reed Johnson is killing the ball. Johnson is hitting .314 with 45 RBI. One thing that is working is the platoon. The two combined have 87 RBI, which would lead the team.
We are at the CJE are ready to welcome Edmonds, but aside from his consistent hot-dogging on defense, he has played well at times. We can only hope that the Jim doesn't cost us in the postseason.

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